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GenesisTEK opens the door to a complete network of professionals that will allow your project to be taken from the conceptual to the actual. Whatever your needs may be, GenesisTEK will recommend companies that can assist you at any stage of your project’s development. Keep in mind, however, that we are willing and able to work with any company at any stage, not just our recommendations.


  • GoToMeeting This software is a premier online meeting application​, which allows users to share screens remotely​. They offer customized options when it comes to ​telecommunicating with ​individuals anywhere in the world. We utilize th​is application to work closely with our clients throughout the ​design ​process.
  • Protomold Rapid prototyping, bridge tooling and low-volume production from Minnesota's own Proto​ L​abs. GenesisTEK ​is proud to have had a ​strong ​relationship with Proto Labs for over ​ten years, offering our clients full turnkey solutions.
  • FirstCut ProtoLabs uses milling and turning to machine engineering-grade plastic and metal parts for prototyping and production.
  • Fineline 3D Printing Services. FineLine uses additive manufacturing to create accurate concept models, prototypes, and functional, end-use parts.
  • Solid Designs LLC ​A rapid prototyping company owned by one of our team mates. Before going into full-scale production with your new CAD files, it's important to have a prototype made. ​Solid Designs offers high quality, low cost, FDM ​3D-printed ​parts in a​n impressively fast ​​timeframe.
  • SolidWorks ​Solid​W​orks ​design software is cutting edge technology ​which ​helps to streamline the transition ​from the design phase directly into manufacturing. It is considered the industry standard among experts when it comes to 3D solid modeling software​. GenesisTEK has been employing SolidWorks as ​our CAD operating program since 2008. We ​use this program to design products for a wide variety of industries and applications.
  • eDrawings Viewer ​This free program from SolidWorks ​allows our clients ​to ​review ​and approve the ​designs ​we create, without the need for a large, expensive CAD program.​
  • M&P Manufacturing Ltd.
  • Vista Technologies LLC

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