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Tactical Glove Light

Client TM Tactical

This device is mounted on the back of a glove. We considered the ergonomics of its shape, because of its use with the human hand. We also devised a way to effectively attach it to the glove. Combining ergonomics with functionality was a high priority. We also included the use of elastomer components to protect the glove from the environment in which it's used.

Tactical Glove Light 1
Tactical Glove Light 2
Tactical Glove Light 3
Tactical Glove Light 4
Tactical Glove Light 5
Tactical Glove Light 6


Client Max Lawhon

Often, we are tasked to design and develop very complex organic shapes. The design of these pacifiers not only had to look great, they also needed to be very safe. Following federal safety requirements for pacifiers, we came up with the shapes you see here. Using "sub division" modeling, we are able to create very organic shapes that push the boundaries of manufacturing. These novelty products are sure to bring a smile to those that use them.

Pacifier 1
Pacifier 2
Pacifier 3
Pacifier 4
Pacifier 5
Pacifier 6

Porsche® Light Cover

Client Joseph DeSimone

These integrated LED light covers replace a stock light on the Porscheā„¢ Cayman. Our client was determined to offer a product that added some unique flair to his vehicle, and wanted to share this with the world. We used laser scanning technology to capture the precise geometry of the car and the original light cover. Using that data, we were able to design the mesh covers you see here. The extensive use of organic curvatures to fit the beauty of the car's shape was well worth the challenge.

Porsche Light Cover 1
Porsche Light Cover 2
Porsche Light Cover 3
Porsche Light Cover 4
Porsche Light Cover 5
Porsche Light Cover 6

Flower Sculpture

Client Allison Luedtke

Once in a while a project comes along that touches the heart. For us, this was one of those projects. Our client, a very talented artist, came to us with the following request: To take a clay sculpture that she had created by hand, and design it to be injection molded. After laser scanning the sculpture, we were able to import the organic shape of her flower into our CAD modeling software. We then revised subtle features on the flower to make it a moldable part. It was very important that we took great care to not change the aesthetic spirit of the shape. The molded flowers were then used in a sculpture that was created for the Children's Hospital of Minneapolis. We are proud and honored to be part of this important work of public art.

Flower 1
Flower 2
Flower 3
Flower 4
Flower 5
Flower 6


Client AquaTally

What looks like a simple beverage container lid was actually quite a challenge. We needed to design this lid to fit existing tumblers which are already on the market today. Integrating threads, O-ring seals, insert molding, and soft touch over-molding, we devised this design. This beautiful lid is very functional. Perfectly mating the threads of the lid with the tumbler was a bit of challenge, as was determining the precise compression percentage for the O-ring. Overall, we couldn't be happier with how this product turned out.

AquaTally Lid 1
AquaTally Lid 2
AquaTally Lid 3
AquaTally Lid 4
AquaTally Lid 5
AquaTally Lid 6


Client Fablossom

This product incorporates many different design styles and features. Our client's attention to detail helped bring this design to the next level. We had a ton of fun working on this project! Utilizing living hinges, snap features, and flexible plastic, we designed this product with a goal of trying to replicate nature's beauty. Used mainly by children, simplicity and durability were top priorities.

Fablossom 1
Fablossom 2
Fablossom 4
Fablossom 5
Fablossom 3

Implantable ID Tag System

Client Skeets

This project challenged our creativity with regards to functionality. We needed to design a few iterations to settle on an idea that allowed the tags to remove easily in a surgical environment while fitting the product specifications Skeets outlined. Seeing as this was a medical device that required approval, we needed to pay special attention to detail. Having been in the medical device industry for almost 15 years previous to GenesisTEK, we tapping into our past experiences and current skills allowed for the developed of this simple, smooth, and functional product. Extremely pleased with the outcome, skeets informed us that, "The design changes proposed were quite elegant and it appears those changes will save considerably on production costs. I recently spoke with GenesisTEK, and told them how highly the plastics molding company team spoke of their designs, stating that we 'really knew injection molding'."

ID Tag Rendering 1
ID Tag Rendering 2
ID Tag Rendering 3
ID Tag Rendering 4
ID Tag Rendering 5
ID Tag Rendering 6

LED Lighted Helmet

Client M1 Concepts

Our client had created a prototype using fiberglass and created an actual functioning part before any CAD files were created. Our challenge was to replicate the fiberglass model with some pretty complex shaping involved. We had the original part scanned using high resolution scanning equipment to generate surface models. With the help of a local laser firm and an exceptionally talented surface modeler, we created the helmet to the exact specifications the client asked for. Our process also illuminated some unforeseen challenges in the electronics of the helmet that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Our client was satisfied with our work and is currently working with the manufacturer to bring the product to market.

Helmet Rendering 1
Helmet Rendering 2
Helmet Rendering 3
Helmet Rendering 4
Helmet Rendering 5

Electronics Enclosure

Client Dakota Technologies, Inc

This project shows how we can update existing products to give them a new look and feel. Our client came to us with a product line that needed a change. Following a specific list of details and specifications we designed a functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing case design. There were some challenging features with the battery compartment, threaded cap on the front and specific requirements with respect to connectors and placement of ports. With the addition of an ergonomically and functional feature of over molding, it enhances the users comfort as well as adding to the robustness of the case itself. Our clients were very pleased with our design.

Enclosure Rendering 1
Enclosure Rendering 2
Enclosure Rendering 3
Enclosure Rendering 4
Enclosure Rendering 5
Enclosure Rendering 6


Client St. Germain

Our client came to us with a vision of a new carafe for their product. They have a beautiful product that is very elegant and smooth and wanted to stick with this concept. We followed the contours of another product that they have, and matched up the look and feel with this carafe. We also had specific details that we needed to follow in order to attain the goal of using this carafe to create a most graceful drink. The introduction of features on the carafe fulfilled that need and allowed us to create what you see here.

Carafe Rendering 1
Carafe Rendering 2
Carafe Rendering 3
Carafe Rendering 4

Waterless Toothbrush

Client United Treatment Centers

The goal of this project was to develop a patented toothbrush that includes a self contained dentifrice material. The client came to us with a conceptual drawing of a similar brush. The idea was to have the refillable dentifrice within the body of the brush and have it expel with a push of a button. The head has to be removable/replaceable for continued usage. We provided our client with a design that has simple curves, but are ergonomically enhanced for the user. It fits comfortable in the hand and will be an effective product. The parts were designed with an over molded body to enhance the comfort. The simple design has also allowed for the tooling to be simple as well.

Electronic Toothbrush Rendering 1
Electronic Toothbrush Rendering 2
Electronic Toothbrush Rendering 3
Electronic Toothbrush Rendering 4
Electronic Toothbrush Rendering 5
Electronic Toothbrush Rendering 6


Client Pet Sugar Check, LLC

Here we have a very interesting assembly. We were greeted with the challenge to design a fun, curvy, compact device to assist in glucose measuring for pets. Our client came to us with a very detailed description with sketches and industrial design images. She had a very good idea of what she wanted and did not want to deviate from that, unless she had to due to functionality or fabrication. We were able to design a product that was well within her vision, while keeping the parts simple enough to manufacture. We also designed the internal electronics to fit within this compact product, and kept the parts including the PCB and components very cost effective. Our client was very satisfied with our final design and after building a number of functional prototypes, she is well on her way with production assemblies.

Illumavein Rendering 1
Illumavein Rendering 2
Illumavein Rendering 3
Illumavein Rendering 4
Illumavein Rendering 5

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